The 555 Club

Improve Focus, Calm and Concentration.
Live and on demand science backed performance and wellbeing for you and your team.

Focus. Calm. Clarity.
in 15 minutes.

Designed to give you or your team team a jolt of Energy, Focus and Gratitude during the working day.The 555 Club uses science backed techniques to build habits that drive performance.Allowing for clarity of thought, reduction in stress and improvement in focus and concentration levels

"The results have been genuinely transformational"


5 - A different breathwork each day to regulate the nervous system to bring calm, focus and presence.
5 - Meditation - science backed techniques to improve performance and reduce stress.
5 - Gratitude - To quote one 555club user 'It reminds me why I am working'

25 live calls a week
FREE ON demand APP
Mon - Fri
07:45 - 08:45 - 11:45 - 16:45 - 19:45

5 calls a day.
5 days a week.
No cap on usage turn up as often as you like.

Free On Demand members area.

Need a 5 minute stress break mid day? The personalised members area has you covered.On demand section includes a growing library of;- Science backed Breathwork for Focus Calm and Clarity
- Meditations
- Sleep hypnosis recording
- More resources and trainings to be added month on month.

Unlimited access to all live calls and Members on demand app for less than £4 per weekCorporate pricing available on request.

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The 555 Club

Breath. Meditate. Gratitude