The 555 Club

Present. Focused. Grateful.

In 15 Minutes

Mental Health.
Done Different.

Designed to give your staff a jolt of Energy, Peace and Gratitude during their working day.

The 555 Club will take you out of your head and into this moment.

Allowing for clarity of thought. Stress reduction and Gratitude for what is.


5 - Use the Breath to become present & get into your body
5 - A Powerful Meditation to come into this moment.
5 - Gratitude. To bring awareness to all that is good in our lives.

Mon - Wed - Fri
07:45 - 08:45 - 11:45 - 16:45

3 days a week.
4 times each day catering for all schedules.
Time's are in UK time zone.

Designed for scale.
Not to profit from a small list of large companies.

Corporate pricing starting at £45 a month

Individual pricing from £15 a month


To see how The 555 Club could help you and your team, send an email and we'll organise a chat.

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The 555 Club

Breath. Meditate. Gratitude